How to Increase Your Home's Value

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 How to Increase Your Home's Value: 
What Should you be Investing in Your Home for the Market

It's easy to think that adding this or upgrading that in your home will greatly increase it's value to home buyers.
First, you shouldn't wait for the time you want to sell your home to add the improvements you have always wanted
to have and could be enjoying for years to come. What you want or like in a home is unique to you.
But for right now we're talking about what you could or should be doing to maximize the appeal of your home
to potential buyers.

Project (average cost recouped, national) according to Realtor Magazine:
Minor kitchen remodel (88%)
Bathroom remodel (85%)
Major kitchen remodel (81%)
Family room addition (80%)
Deck addition (77%)
Master suite (75%)
Attic bedroom (74%)
Siding replacement (73%)
Window replacement (69%)
Home office (55%)

What do you think now? Unless there's an obvious need to replace something that is broken or hideously out of date the
money you put into your home before it goes on the marker should be minimal. This should be your thought process:

1. Do any remodel with mass appeal in mind. Have your home look fresh and inviting. Highlight the homes' appealing aspects.

2. Get several project estimates and be sure to use someone reputable.

3. Keep the value of your property within 15 to 20 percent of your neighbors’.